Corporate Outline


Experiences and achievements in both property management and leasing management.
These assets of ours are what guarantees the trust rendered to our company.

Since the foundation in 1978, our company, FK Corporation has been long in the service of providing a better business environment in Tokyo. In the field of property management, at the former time when it was commonly regarded that “Building management means building cleaning”, we had developed, as a fore runner in this business, such services as the agent service of building management for owners, and the recruiting service of tenants. As a leading company we are proud to have enjoyed a clientele of steady contracts for many years, which could be an evidence of the trust given to us.
 The major businesses of our company consist of the following: Office Planning Department, Real-estate Mediation Department, Building Operation Department, and Building Management Department. Each one with its professional knowledge, all of these departments have been working closely together to accumulate the practical know-how, by making use of which our company is ready at your service to provide the best solution according to your particular stages of request.

Our motto is “We protect the interest of our clients who own the real property, and we provide the best “Comfort” to our customers who use the real property.”

Gakujo Fukushi Representative Director, FK Corporation

When I was a student, it fell upon a period so called “From the bubble to the end of the bubble.”

It happened that as contemporaries there were quite a few children whose parents owned real properties. Now have these children inherited the property from their parents? And currently are they the owners of commercial buildings? The answer is negative. Unfortunately there are surprisingly many people who say, ”I got rid of that building already” or “I can’t inherit. I don’t want to do it.” Why so?

As a matter of fact our company has taken care of the management of a number of commercial buildings which were built during the bubble period.
At the time of constructing those buildings, probably the financial speculations might have been a little too optimistic. Or there might have been a lot of debts. Nevertheless, many good owners are still keeping their buildings in good condition.

“Make a contract with appropriate rental. Keep a good maintenance of the building.”
It is proved true enough that this is not necessarily an easy task for many owners to do.

What are “The most appropriate terms and the best comfort”? Our professionals will you about them.

Our company is keeping a group of specialists in market conditions, building construction legal affairs, taxation business, daily maintenance management. When it comes to an office building, our job would cover “From collecting garbage to inheritance matter.”

We do our best in protecting the interest of our owners of commercial buildings.

Gakujo Fukushi Representative Director, FK Corporation

Name of company FK Corporation
Address 8th floor, Shinbashi-ekimae Building No.1 Hall 20-15 2-chome, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 1 minute walk from Shiodome station of Oedo loop subway line.
  • 1 minute walk from Shinbashi station of JR Keihin-tohoku line and JR Yamanote line. There is a passage connecting the Shinbashi underground town area and the basement floor of our building.
Telephone 03 (3572) 2231 *03 (3572) 3341 night and holiday emergency
Fax 03 (3572) 2460
License of the Building Lots and Building Transaction Business Tokyo Governor (11) 35625
License of Construction Business Tokyo Governor (General-19) 119361
Establishment October 1978
Capital 25,000,000 yen
Representative Fukushi Gakujo, Representative Director and President
Business outline
  • Operation and control of rental commercial building
  • Mediation of rented buildings
  • Tenants recruiting service
  • Mediation of real-estate transaction
  • Maintenance service of commercial building
  • Consulting service for location of commercial building
  • Construction work and its construction management of exterior and interior finish of commercial building
  • Working drawing, construction work and its construction management of air conditioning, electrical and mechanical
  • (PIIA) Nationwide Guaranty Association of Building Lots and Building Transaction Business
  • (PIIA)Tokyo Association of Building Lots and Building Transaction Business
  • (PIIF)East Japan Network of Real-estate Distribution
  • Tokyo Cooperative Society of Real-estate Business
  • Nationwide Political League of Real-estate Business
※ PIIA stands for Public Interest Incorporated Association.
※ PIIF stands for Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.


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